LINSON Marine is one of world’s leading technology company in the global marine, and solution provider of ship supply chain. Our service includes ship spare parts, ship safety inspection, repairing service, marine engineer service, import and export trade, marine materials logistics transportation. We are dedicated to help the global ship management companies and ship owners to reduce the operating cost, improve operational efficiency, and increase sales performance. Based on more than 20 years of innovation history, LINSON is constantly promoting the innovation of ship services, and composing the future of the industry standardization. Our business is located in more than ten countries and regions around the world. LINSON has integral business activities in China, including warehousing, manufacturing, sales and engineering services.

LINSON Sustainable Development


Linson’s goal is to continuously improve the navigation environment and promote green and sustainable development of shipping for the national/regional ship owners we serve. 
To achieve these goals and promote sustainable development, Linson strives to find a balance between providing better service and environment protection, so as to benefit all stakeholders. 
LINSON attaches great importance to sustainable development in every aspect, including how to provide high-quality spare parts to reduce the replacement frequency of spare parts, provide one-stop service to reduce the cost of shipping, as well as how to reflect our responsibility in the provision of services and interact with ship owners. In addition, LINSON is committed to excellence in occupational health and safety.


LINSON Spare Parts


LINSON can provide the most of the original spare parts from China, while facing the increasingly severe shipping environment, LINSON provides OEM spare parts to the market, we constantly optimize the supplier channels, purchase products from the terminal manufacturers, reduce purchasing cost, meanwhile improve and control the products quality, to save the procurement cost and time cost for our customers. We  purchase certified spare parts in bulk such as NBR, DAROS, brand- name piston rings, MIBA bearing bush, NICO, SANYO, OMT, L'ORANGE nozzle, spindle guide, oil pump assembly, MAHLE intake exhaust valve stem and other products.
LINSON continuously optimizes and adjusts the company personnel allocation to improve our office efficiency and quality control. We have passed the ISO 9001 quality system.

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